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D'Alfonso-Curran Wines

Noe Marin Ramirez

Noe Marin Ramirez grew up in southern Mexico, on the coast of the state of Guerrero, a true paradise and moved to San Luis Obispo when he was 17.

He learned English by watching cartoons on television and listening to music on the radio. He slowly integrated his language skills into the daily life of work which at that time was helping out in fields and nurseries.

In 2003, he moved to Santa Maria CA, seeking new job opportunities. At first, Noe found work in the construction business until the economy collapsed and opportunities began to dwindle. Those were difficult times. Then he received a call to work at a winery called Sea Smoke, as a Cellar Master, under winemaker Kris Curran on July 21, 2004.

“I started to work, and gradually had her confidence. I had no experience in wine, but she saw that I had some potential and gave me the opportunity to learn,” he says.

Four years later when Kris left Sea Smoke for Foley Winery, Noe went with her. Soon, Kris and Bruno D’Alfonso opened their winery and when Noe called to see if they needed an extra hand, Kris was thrilled with the opportunity to work with him again.

Since 2008 the three have worked together on Santa Rosa Road, as a team, but more importantly, as a family. Noe has worked in the wine business for twelve years and looks forward to many more as part of the D'Alfonso-Curran wine group.