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D'Alfonso-Curran Wines

About the Vineyards

At D’Alfonso-Curran, we focus our efforts on making great wines and leave the growing of world-class grapes to the viticulturists.  We are fortunate that Kris & Bruno have developed long-standing relationships with some of the best vineyards located in Santa Barbara County.  Currently, we source from the following, highly reputable vineyards, as well as a few that we like to keep secret.

  • Brick Barn Wine Estate
  • Estelle Vineyards
  • Marianello Vineyard 
  • Rancho La Viña Vineyard (pictured)
  • Sanford & Benedict Vineyard
  • Sierra Madre Vineyards
  • Terry Evens' Vineyard
  • Tierra Alta Vineyards