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D'Alfonso-Curran Wines

The Wine Dogs

Who needs BioDynamics? D’Alfonso-Curran Wines has BioDognamics!  What maintains the Chi of a winery and the hearts and souls of the people who love them is a "Wine Dog", or Wine Dogs in our case.

Bruno & Kris are true lovers of animals, especially their dogs - Roland, Gunner, Breaker, and Badge. These magnificent Shepherds are quite the local attraction. Wherever the “Pack” goes - the winery, out to lunch, to the grocery store…Kris & Bruno are sure to follow!

The “Pack” has appeared in several wine and lifestyle articles, most notably, Roland and Gunner (pictured on the right) were featured alongside Kris in an article for THE WINE SPECTATOR magazine, and all four of the original “Pack” were showcased in WINE DOGS 1 (USA) and WINE DOGS 2 (USA), the highly entertaining books written and photographed by Australian authors Craig McGill and Susan Elliot.